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We provide Guarding/Static Protection/Armed Response/Tactical & Riot, Investigation/Undercover operations, Risk Analysis Assessment & Management, Body Guards/CPO, Training, Tracing, Evictions, Counter Land Invasion and Consulting.
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We provide Corporate & Industrial Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Event & Conference, Waste Removal, Horticultural & Garden Services, Hygiene Services, Pest Control, Facilities Management & Consulting Services.


For your one stop Engineering needs, we specialize in Consulting, Construction, Building, Civil Engineering, Project & Programme Management, Energy, Property Development and More
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Tshwane International Festival 2023: Vacancies

Ulwazi Group is hosting a huge sports, arts, culture & heritage event 2023 at the Capital City (City of Tshwane).

Closing Date: 20 January 2023 at 16:00

Kindly send your comprehensive CV, certified qualifications & ID to our emails:

Vacancies for Professionals

  • Event Manager
  • Event Planner & Coordinator
  • Event Logistics Officer
  • Event Marketing Officer
  • Safety Officer
  • Communication & PR Officer
  • Sponsorship & Advertising Specialist
  • Financial Officer
  • Transport & Logistics Officer